Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Martin and Pat Ward Awarded Introductory Certificate in Farrier Work

Sligo Leader Partnership congratulates Martin Ward and his son, Pat, who were awarded an Equine Footwork Certificate in Introductory Farriery on 12th March 2010 on successful completion of this 7-day course.

The course organised through the Special Initiative for Travellers employment by the Sligo Leader Partnership was specifically designed to respond to their educational and occupational needs. It was designed and delivered by Master Farrier and Trainer Cathal Murphy of Equine Footwork. It included horse observation and assessment, points of the horse’s foot, horse shoe removal, shoe fitting and also safe handling practices and safe use of tools.

Martin Ward cleans and levels the horse’s hoof.

Henry Cox of FÁS (left) awarding Martin Ward (centre) his Certificate, with Trainer / Master Farrier Cathal Murphy on right

Henry Cox of FÁS being shown parts of the hoof by trainee Martin Ward

Master Farrier Cathal Murphy demonstrates cleaning and levelling of the horse’s hoof.

Martin said that, “the training was great, learning good, the more I did, the more I improved and Cathal had lots of tips and encouragement.”

Henry Cox, Senior Development Officer with FÁS Community Services Unit, awarded Martin and Pat with their Certificates and said, “it is rewarding to see the benefits to both Martin and Pat who have satisfactorily completed instruction in farriery and who are now receiving acknowledgement of it. The opportunity to practice and further develop the knowledge and skills learned on this course can also be facilitated on a Farriery Apprentice- ship which is available through FÁS.”

Master Farrier Cathal Murphy said “This is the first Farrier workshop that I’m aware of. As a Farrier, anything that promotes horse welfare and creates awareness is positive. Martin Ward is a credit. He was dedicated and had interest in the training and is a shining light to follow. The training enhances
his own community and Martin’s standing in it”.

Raymond O’Connor & Ursula Schweiger of Island View Riding Stables (pictured here) provided the venue and use of their horses. Ursula said, “we were happy to accommodate the training course and the work on the horses was excellent”.

Martin Ward added, “It would be great to get the younger lads to do a course like this” he said. “They need commitment and courage and not to be afraid of horses. It would benefit them a lot and could lead on to work in their futures.”

Training towards employment for Travellers

The Farriery course is part of the Special Initiative for Travellers (SIT) Enterprise being co-ordinated by the Sligo Leader Partnership Company.

The Initiative is FÁS funded and designed to support Travellers living in Sligo County to develop further their skills towards employment options. It includes support to establish their own businesses through the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance.

It is part of a co-operative approach through the Sligo Inter-Agency Traveller Strategy Group (IATSG) and though only in its early stages, it is making a difference to a number of people.

The collaborative nature of this venture between the agencies, the trainer who was willing to design a tailor made course and the local business, Island View Riding View Stables who were willing to provide a welcoming venue, led
to the success of the course for the participants.