Tuesday, September 26, 2017

2 LEADER Measures to Close in August

Co. Sligo LEADER Partnership Co Ltd
Wishes to advise all potential applicants to the
LEADER Rural Development Programme 2007-2013
of the closure of the following Measures:

321 – Basic Services for the economy and rural population
322 – Village renewal and development

Applicants who intend to apply for Grant support under any of the above measures must submit a full application (inclusive of all requisite documentation) by 5pm, Tuesday 30th August 2011.

All applications are subject to assessment for Eligibility and Suitability.
Submission of an Application can in no way be as taken as an indication that the project is eligible or that it will be awarded assistance.

These funding measures will remain closed until further notice.
All other funding measures under the LEADER RDP remain open.

For forms and information about other required documents, please see the “how to apply” section on this site.