Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sligo Food Training creating hub of new Food Businesses for Sligo.

Co. Sligo LEADER Partnership Co Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of the  second Developing Growing Food Businesses programme.

Co. Sligo LEADER Partnership Co Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of the second Developing Growing Food Businesses programme. This exciting new initiative is aimed at delivering a hands-on, one-to-one training programme to existing local food businesses in order to grow those businesses from cottage or single-handed operations to larger businesses.

This work is concentrating on the development of a range of suitable food products with local and start up food producers interested in becoming part of the Sligo food network. It is expected that participants will progress to developing or up-scaling their product for sale into Retail outlets or the Food Service Industry as applicable, potentially under the Sligo Food Brand.

This first phase of training, delivered by St. Anglea’s Food Technolgy Centre Ltd involves five local food businesses: Pot and Kettle Food Company, The Invisible Cook, Elizabeth Ann Desert Collection, Coopershill Venison and the Irish Seaweed Kitchen.

Shona Heffernan, Development Officer for the project says, “The creation of a strong food producers’ network in the Sligo area is of considerable benefit to the development of a food culture in the area and we feel it is vitally important to deliver much needed focus on innovation in local food industry. The primary driver is the market and the consumer, and their ongoing requirement for innovative, sophisticated and competitive products. We recognise that the presence of a strong local food brand and subsequent foodie culture is also an attraction for tourist seeking out traditional and local food produce.

SLPC has already funded initial training for the Food Network, as well as two pre Start-up Food Training Courses. Discussions in relation to channelling pre-start up and existing SMEs into a dedicated Sligo Brand initiative are well underway.”

The programme is being funded from the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013.

For further information please contact:
Shona Heffernan, Co. Sligo LEADER Partnership Co Ltd, Cleveragh Road, Sligo
Tel: 071 9141138 or sheffernan@sligoleader.com

Notes to editor:
Co. Sligo LEADER Partnership is delivering the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 for Co. Sligo. Under the Programme, funding of €425.4 million will be provided nationally, 55% from the European Union and 45% from the Exchequer. Sligo’s share is €10.8 million – this is almost treble the amount available in the last Programme (2000-2006), and the largest ever package for rural development. The funding will facilitate the continued development of rural communities all over Sligo.

Sligo LEADER Partnership will distribute funding to community groups and individuals in rural areas for the range of activities to be funded under this Programme. These activities are varied and include:

  • Diversification into non-agricultural activities
  • Support for business creation & development
  • Encouragement of tourism activities
  • Basic services for the economy & rural population
  • Village renewal & development
  • Conservation & upgrading rural heritage
  • Training & information measure