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Community Development

The aim of the Community Development Programme in partnership with other community development organizations, is to promote awareness, knowledge and uptake of a wide range of statutory, voluntary and community services to groups in rural and urban areas of Sligo and a range of supports, to individuals who are marginalized in the community whether through rural or social isolation or at risk of being marginalized from the mainstream of community activity because of their economic or social circumstances.

Community Development ImageA particular focus of the programme is the development of volunteering and active citizenship opportunities in partnership with the Sligo Volunteer Centre, info@volunteersligo.ie through information Workshops on Volunteering Opportunities in the Community and information on “placement services” to volunteer and community groups and “Information Sessions” on the positive benefits of participation in Local Community Development Activities, Volunteer Bureau and Community Forum Activities.

The Community Development Programme seeks to use a range of innovative methods develop the capacity of groups to participate in locally based community activity – art groups, older persons groups, prayer groups, local history groups, women’s groups, youth clubs, men’s groups, gardening clubs, out and about group and other community activity identified by the community on an ongoing basis.

The Community Development Programme creates opportunities at local community level for people to increase their awareness and uptake of community services and funding opportunities to meet their identified needs.

The following programmes are supported:

  1. Area based Community Development Supports
  2. Community Arts Programmes
  3. Support for Migrant Workers and Refugees
  4. Support for Asylum Seekers
  5. Rural Men Programme
  6. Womens Health and Well being Programme
  7. Traveller Community Development Programme
  8. Older Persons Network
  9. Smallholders
  10. Volunteer Programme

For further information please contact Camilla on csmyth@sligoleader.com

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