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Area-Based Supports

The Area based Community Development Support Programme is characterised by an approach which reflects the different demographic profiles and the needs of  groups in these areas of Sligo Town and Rural County Sligo.

Some interesting facts about Sligo

Sligo has a highly dispersed population with a density of 33.3 persons per sq. km recorded in 2006. This is significantly lower than the national average of 60.6persons and is also below the averages for the Border and Border Midlands West Regions. There has been a shift in population trends towards rural areas with an increase in population of  +4.6% at 60,894 (2006 census), compared to 55,821 (2002) reflective of the building boom of the past ten years compared to a decrease in the population in the borough area of Sligo town of -3.1%.

The county is segmented into broad geographic areas divided by its topographical landscape of the Ox Mountains, Lough Arrow, Lough Gill and Sligo urban area. The county population is highly concentrated in Sligo Borough District with a population of 17,892. Tubbercurry and Ballymote are the only other nucleated settlements with a population greater than 1,000.  The West Sligo and South Sligo Areas and North Sligo Maugherow, Ballyconnell areas in particular are characterised as been particularly disadvantaged with these areas scoring between -20% and 0% below average (Relative Deprivation – Haase/Pratschke 2006).

Sligo Town is considered the most affluent in the Border Region based on the Haase /Pratschke Index of Deprivation, however there are still significant areas of disadvantage in Sligo Town reflected in the RAPID Areas of the North Ward, the East Ward and the West Ward.

If you are interested in developing a group or seeking support for an existing group or making an application for funding, please contact the office at info@sligoleader.com for further information or ask to speak to Martina or Camilla.

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