Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Older Persons

Sligo Older Persons Forum and Sligo Active Age and Active Retirement Network

The Sligo Older Persons Forum offers an important opportunity for information sharing between key agencies and voluntary groups and organizations on the range of social activities, supports and services that are in place for Older People in Sligo and has the capacity to act as a conduit for the dissemination of information to Older People in Sligo through collective actions with the Citizens Information Advice Centre and the HSE and the Carers Association.

The forum is an important support to the Network of Active Age and Active Retirement Groups in County Sligo and through the Partnership Community Development Worker and CDP’s and FRC ‘s and others working in this sector can use this network to promote a range of services and activities identified by the forum to older people in the Community.

The forum has the capacity to develop and support the co-ordination of innovative projects in supporting the needs of older people living in circumstances of poverty and isolation in County Sligo. The Co-ordination of home visitation services with the HSE and the Community and Voluntary Sector CDP’s / FRC’s / RSS. Meals and Wheels with the Rural Transport Programme. The Bealtaine Festival with Intergenerational Arts based workshops and Active Age Groups.

The forum has the capacity to link to national policy forums as it relates to older people and ensure that any actions developed are from an equality perspective; Age and Opportunity, National Council for Ageing and Older People etc.

The Community Development Programme have made an application to Positive Ageing Week 2010 which is from Thursday 23rd September to Saturday 2nd October.

Positive Ageing Week has proved to be a real celebration of Older Age in County Sligo and culminates in a number of Social and Recreational Activities and Cultural Events.

For information on the Older Persons programme please contact Martina at mdilucia@sligoleader.com

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