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Small Holders

The Smallholder Programme supports Farming Families and meets their needs in the context of agriculture and rural restructuring.

The overall aim of the programme is to improve the viability of low income farm families and sustain farm families in rural areas in County Sligo through a number of key programmes such as:

The Rural Social Scheme which is supporting 143 Smallholders to remain farming. This is a special scheme for smallholders, whereby they can work in their local community for a period of 19 hours per week and retain their farm payments while making a considerable contribution to the sustainability of Community Life in Rural Sligo through the Home Visitation Programme and the Village Enhancement Programme.

The Rural Social Scheme – Home Visitation Programme visit older people in their own homes on a regular basis providing an important point for social contact and carrying out small jobs about the house and garden.

The Rural Social Scheme supports the Village Enhancement Programme. This fulfills an important support role to Rural Communities in the pride of place in community life of Sligo.

The Farmers Market which is funded under the Rural Development Programme supports Smallholders by making a space available to farmers to display and sell locally produced on an ongoing basis.

Sligo LEADER Partnership provides a range of assistance to farming households including Training and education supports such as the BMW Smallholder Skillnet which provides a wide variety of skills training to farmers, small scale enterprise funding and other supports including business planning and mentoring for those hoping to set up small service businesses or enterprises on the farm in tandem with a wide variety of supports  (both funding and developmental support) to develop activities and projects for Small Holders. Examples include; the MED Partnership Group, Sligo Farmers Markets and the Ox Mountain Hill sheep Assoc.

The Basic Horticultural Support Training Course in Vegetable and Fruit Growing is also funded by the Rural Development Programme and is designed to assist Smallholders and home gardeners and allotment growers as well as those interested in supplying produce to Country or Farmers Markets with key skills in Horticulture.  This is a ten week course and includes both lectures and practical training. The current course is taking place at the Ballymote Family Resource Centre on each Tuesday Evening from the 23rd March 2010.

Anyone interested in doing this course in the future, please contact or Owen Duffy at 071-9183819 for further information.

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