Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Women’s Support

The resourcing of women’s and men’s groups is central to the ability of the Community Development Programme to bring about change in relation to gender inequality. Within these single sex environments, both women and men are each afforded the opportunity provided by adopting a community development approach to make any real contribution to gender equality to bring about change in relation to this will be lost. Failure to facilitate a gender analysis and simply focusing on the inclusion of equal numbers of men and women can perpetuate gender inequalities in community development by simply supporting maintenance of the status quo. A core theme within the Local and Community Development Programme is a range of supports specifically for Women and Rural Women Groups and Men, in particular isolated Rural Men.

The Women’s Health & Wellbeing Programme is a collaboration developed in association with the HSE Health Promotion Unit.

This programme is an opportunity for women to:

  1. Come Together
  2. Learn Together
  3. Share Time Together

Looking after our health and caring for our well-being is important to most of us. Having accurate health information can assist us in making positive future choices. This peer education programme has been created especially for women in the North West of Ireland. It offers information and discussion on different health topics and is presented in an informal and enjoyable way. Who is it for? These sessions are open to all women, all ages and backgrounds. It does not matter if you are already in a women’s group, or just wish to come together with other women to learn more. Being interested is enough. What are the topics? You can choose all six topics or those that are of interest to you. The topics covered are:

  • Cancer Awareness and Prevention
  • Healthy Heart
  • Living through the Menopause
  • Positive Mental Health
  • Raising Disability Awareness
  • Bladder Management

Who will you meet?

Eleven local women from Sligo received training in presenting the above topics.

Their information is up to date, factual and based on the latest research. They will come to your local venue at a suitable time for you.

For further information on these courses please contact:

Camilla at csmyth@sligoleader.com or
Marie at marie.ogrady1@hse.ie

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