Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Community Development Structures

The primary strategic focus of the Sligo LEADER Partnership Company and its role as The Integrated Local Community Development Company for County Sligo is to put in place strategies and mechanisms at local level through the Local and Community Development Programme which promote engagement with policy, practice and decision making processes on matters affecting local communities.

The Company do this in the first instance with the support of the key state agency, local authority, local representatives and community representatives on the Board. Their function is to maintain a strong focus on Social Inclusion and to ensure that appropriate structures are put in place to support a democratic dialogue between the community sector that they represent and the community development structures in place through the Company Structures.

To facilitate a joint approach to the development of ‘practice to policy frameworks’ in the development of strategic responses between the various agencies, CDB, funders, providers and local development groups in addressing the priority Social Inclusion and equality needs of vulnerable individuals and groups living in County Sligo.

To support local communities in building their voice to engage with local decision making structures.

To support participatory strategies at local level through the various sub-committees and working groups to enable communities of interest and target groups

To participate in decision making structures between funders,

Information sharing between key stakeholders on the positive benefits of participation in Local Community Development Policy Forum(s), Community Forum etc.

There are three main Sub-committees supported by expert working groups and various networks established to implement the work plan of the Local and Community Development Programme. The Sub-Committee for Community Development, the Sub-Committee for Education, recreation and cultural activity and the Sub-Committee for Enterprise and Employment.

The membership of each Sub-Committee is drawn from the community sector, the social partners, the local authority and local representatives and other key staff operating in the community and voluntary sector with a specific focus on social inclusion and equality. Each sub-committee is ascribed a specific area of strategic development reflective of the goals of the local and community development programme and locally identified priorities and performs an ongoing function of needs analysis, policy research, strategy design and evaluation. Each sub-committee is chaired by a member of the board, with this member assuming responsibility for reporting to the board on the sub-committees recommendations.

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