Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Education, Recreation & Culture

Goal Two of the Local Community Development Plan is concerned with Education, Recreation and Culture.
There are two main parts to the development work in Education, Recreation and Culture; the work is divided up between working with education providers and working with groups to develop opportunities for learning and development.

The setting up of actions to encourage people to attend further and third level education is part of the work being carried out. The Community Steps Programme works with a number of community groups and Sligo Institute of Technology to promote access to further and third level education. The use of new media technology, such as film production, web site design, music, DJ-ing and VJ-ing is a central part of the work carried out under Goal Two.

There are a number of programmes in the Education, Recreation and Cultural Goal which engage with groups in the community. There is a wide ranging Disability Programme with a multi agency Disability Network set up and also a Parents Support Network for parents of young people with disabilities.

Much of the work under the Education goal is about networking and developing programmes. All of the programmes developed would be in collaboration with other agencies and strategic partners.  For example, The Incredible Years Programme works with parents to promote a system of parenting and managing skills for parents.

The Education, Recreation and Cultural goal is a versatile and dynamic part of the Local Community Development Programme and works with a variety of groups to promote community development in County Sligo.

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