Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Disability & Education

This programme targets people with disabilities as part of the Partnership’s on-going work in Disability. A Disability Network has been set up which consists of a broad range of strategic partners in the area of Disability- that is: people with disabilities, parents of young people with disabilities, agencies and support groups.

The Disability Network works collectively to develop relevant initiatives in the area of disability. A youth club for young people with disabilities has been set up and also a Parents Support Network for young people with disabilities. Activities such as disability sailing programmes with Mullaghmore Sailing Club have been promoted as well as Family Fun Days and Theatre/Open Mike programmes such as the Catfish Club with the Blueraincoat Theatre.

Sligo LEADER Partnership is also promoting the setting up of Trinity College’s Certificate in Contemporary Living in Sligo as a collaborative project with other relevant agencies.

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