Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Parenting Courses

As part of the education development work in Goal Two of the Local Community Development Programme a number of initiatives are to be rolled out in the area of family learning. To date the setting up of the Incredible Years Programme in Sligo has been a large part of this education development work. The Incredible Years programme is designed to prevent and treat children from developing emotional and behavioral difficulties and to encourage children to achieve in school.

The Incredible Years Programme is a group-based transformational parent training programme which helps parents trouble-shoot the issues they face with younger children. This programme combines effective parenting training with a personal development programme which focuses on empowering parents and families to function successfully.

This programme enables parents to reduce children’s problem behaviours and strengthens their social, emotional and academic competence. Using the skills taught and the insights gained during the parenting course means that it is possible that parents and children are able to better weather the difficult years of adolescence and later teenage years.

A number of staff at Sligo Leader Partnership have undergone training in the Group Leader Parents’ Programme. As well as this some parents who participated in the initial Parent Programme have been supported by Sligo Leader Partnership Company to themselves become Group Leader trainers.

These parents are now delivering training to other parents with support from Sligo Leader Partnership. Sligo Leader Partnership is currently delivering the 12 week parent programme in Northside CDP and plans to make the programme available to parents in West Sligo and CLASP in September 2010.A multi agency steering group has been set up by SLPC to facilitate the roll out of the programme.

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