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Next Move Programme

Next Move’ is a FÁS funded Community Employment Scheme sponsored by Co Sligo LEADER Partnership Co Ltd. This CE scheme was originally called REO, (Re-entering Employment Opportunities) which began in 2000. We have now changed direction and are called ‘Next Move’. Next Move began in July 2004 and has run very successfully to the present day.

FÁS Community Employment is an employment and training programme, which assists long-term unemployed people to re-enter the active workforce by breaking their experience of unemployment through a return to work routine. The programme assists them to enhance and develop both their technical and personal skills, which can then be used in the workplace.

Co Sligo LEADER Partnership Co Ltd as a sponsor operates the project to support local communities and to employ unemployed people as participants in gainful employment. Through their period spent at work on a project, participants improve their chances of being integrated into subsequent employment elsewhere in the local economy.

Present Staff in “Next Move”

  • 11 Business Start Up
  • 1 Administrator – based in Tubbercurry office
  • 1 Events Organiser/Rural Transport Dispatcher –based in Tubbercurry office
  • 1 Administrator with Sligo Community Forum – Sligo Enterprise Offices
  • 1 Supervisor – based in Tubbercurry office.

Business Start Up is specially designed for those who are Long-Term Un-employed with a good self-employment idea.  It offers an opportunity to participate on the scheme for six months dealing exclusively with ‘Business Start Up’ covering a full range of information for the new entrepreneurs thus providing guidelines for the successful running of their new business ventures.  On completion of this scheme the participants may be eligible to progress onto the ‘Back to Work Enterprise Allowance’, which offers a further 2 years financial support.

Administration. The administrator operates the accounts for Next Move FÁS CE Scheme from start of the scheme up to Audit stage covering Payroll, Accounts, and all aspects of Administration.
Opportunity Roads Shows brings various agencies together in outreach venues throughout rural Sligo to bring information on services available to the public.

Rural Transport Initiative in the Tubbercurry area. In conjunction with the Rural Transport Initiative Head Office in Dromore West, Co Sligo, we support and organise two very successful services run weekly to Tubbercurry & Sligo.  Special Needs and other trips are also organised.

Administration with Sligo Community Forum based in the Sligo Enterprise Offices working & supporting the committee of Sligo Community Forum throughout Co Sligo.

The Supervisor manages all aspects of the scheme on a day-to-day basis, from interview stage to progression of participants at the end of the scheme.  Supporting the participant’s development, training requirements, monitoring the accounts, promotion works, guiding staff from CE to full time employment, etc.

The Individual Learner Plan

The Individual Learner Plan (ILP) is a new FÁS initiative, and is designed to assist the progression of each participant while they are on the scheme towards full time employment.  This involves one to one meetings with all participants, researching training on the job, and training which will match their individual needs for future career choices.


Progression rate for participants leaving Next Move is very successful.  Good Business’s have been set up and employment has been secured through training & skills update while availing of suitable training during time spent on the scheme.

Eligibility Criteria Guide for FÁS Community EmploymentParticipants

The criteria for participating on the Community Employment programme are based on age and length of time in receipt of various social welfare payments. In general, the Part-time Integration Option is for people of 25 or over who are receiving social welfare payments for 1 year or more, and people of 18 years or over in receipt of disability-related payments. The Part-time Job Option is for people who are 35 or over and in receipt of social welfare payments for 3 years or longer.
Certain groups such as travellers and refugees aged 18 or over are eligible for both options. If you qualify under the criteria but do not wish to take up the option yourself, there are certain conditions under which you can do a spousal swap.
Contact your local FÁS Office for further information about Community Employment or visit www.fas.ie.

For further information on “Next Move”:

Next Move, Head Office, Sligo LEADER Partnership, The Square, Tubbercurry, Co Sligo

Mary Kathleen JohnstonSupervisor:  071 91 20636  E-mail:   nextmove@sligoleader.com

Jacque HuntRural Transport/Events Organiser:  071 91 20636  nextmoveevents@eircom.net

Martina O Donnell Administration:  071 91 20636  nextmoveaccounts@sligoleader.com

Website: www.nextmove.ie

Sligo LEADER Partnership ‘Business Start Up’ FÁS Community Employment Scheme

Business Start Up FÁS Community Employment scheme is specially designed for those who are Long-Term Un-employed with a good ‘self-employment idea and offers an opportunity to participate on a special FÁS Community Employment Scheme running for six months to deal exclusively with ‘Business Start Up’

‘Business Start Up’ is funded by FÁS and sponsored by Co Sligo Leader Partnership Co Ltd. It is an exciting scheme, which offers a full range of information to the new entrepreneurs thus providing guidelines for the successful running of their new business ventures.

Format for ‘Business Start Up’, 1 Day Business Start Up training with a tutor Seamus Caulfield, who has worked successfully with this idea in the midlands over fifteen years, and 12 hours fieldwork on assigned Enterprise Development Tasks.

On completion of this scheme the participants may be eligible to progress onto the ‘Back to Work Enterprise Allowance’, which offers a further 2 years financial support.

For Brochure & Application Form for Business Start Up contact Sligo LEADER Partnership, Tubbercurry office: 071 91 20636 or E-mail: nextmove@sligoleader.com

Upload our Business Start Up Expression of interest application form here:
Business Start Up Expression of Interest Form

Application forms can also be downloaded from the following link: http://www.sligoleader.com/local-community-development/enterprise-training-employment/next-move-programme/attachment/back-to-work-enterprise-allowance-application-form/

Applications/Expression of Interest for Business Start Up open all year round. Interviews take place in June and November of each year. All applicants contacted at those times.

Click here to download a pdf copy of the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance Business Plan workbook. (714kb)

Click here to download tax registration form: (416kb)

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