Sunday, October 22, 2017

New Communities

The Sligo New Communities and PEACE Programme is about promoting a greater understanding between the International Community and Irish Community living in Sligo with a positive focus on the promotion and appreciation of intercultural identity while addressing the key issues of racism, stereotypes and discrimination as we experience them in Sligo and learning from the experience of reconciliation in the North of Ireland.

The Sligo NEW Communities and PEACE Programme has retained S.T.E.P. NI in a mentoring capacity. Their role is to support the Sligo New Community PEACE 111 Project Team in a mentoring capacity to design an appropriate intercultural community animation and cultural diversity awareness programme from a sectarian and racism perspective. To support the development of anti-discriminatory skills and practice and to provide mentoring and consultative services to the project to ensure that anti-racism and anti-sectarian practice is embedded in the design and delivery at all levels. To support the project team in fostering the participation of identified groups from among the migrant and refugee population in County Fermanagh and County Tyrone to developing meaningful cross community relationships on a cross border basis.

To facilitate the delivery of the cross border element of the programme. To contribute to developing the cross border partnership, design of the intercultural diversity awareness programmes with the project team and target group organisations in Tyrone, Fermanagh and Sligo.

The New Communities and PEACE Programme Team have designed an interesting and fun filled intercultural community animation and cultural diversity awareness programme covering cross section of the community in County Sligo, including services providers supporting new communities and their integration into the community life of Sligo to Primary and Secondary School Children to Community and Voluntary Groups from all over County Sligo and Community and Voluntary Organisations supporting new Communities.

  • In May and June and September and October a number of facilitated workshops will take place in Primary Schools and Secondary Schools in Sligo on the theme of Creative Expression in Art and Writing with Children from all Nationalities with an exhibition and workshop in November 2010.
  • From April to October, the Sligo Family Centre will focus on supporting parents and families with their children, through art and drama workshops with an opportunity to increase their cultural awareness and to share experiences of discrimination and racism within each other’s cultures.
  • A Cross Border Intercultural Conference with exhibitions and workshops will be held in Sligo in November.
  • A number of cross border events will contribute to developing the cross border partnership between the International and Irish Community in Sligo and the North of Ireland and International Community living in Fermanagh and Tyrone. The theme of each event will be facilitated as part of an intercultural diversity and equality awareness programme with various fun activities and social activities.