Sunday, October 22, 2017


R.E.C.A.L.L. – Reflecting Each Community At Local Level

RECALL developed out of four years of interactions with members of the Travelling community in Co. Sligo. During the course of this interaction, we realised that very little of the nomadic experience of Traveller culture was being documented. Circumstances are very different for Travellers today in terms of being a nomadic group. We realised that with the passing of the older generation of both the Travelling and Settled communities that the collective experience of a travelling lifestyle would be lost.

We were keen to try and capture these memories through a medium that would engage as wide a range of people as possible whilst also recognising the important part that storytelling has played in the transmission of culture within oral communities.

Sligo Leader Partnership and Home Youth Liaison Office jointly applied for small grant funding in 2009 from the Sligo Peace and Reconciliation Partnership to carry out a project that would redress this lack in the cultural record of the region and by doing so find a way to bridge the increasing divide between Traveller and non-Traveller communities.

The result is a short documentary film, “R.E.C.A.L.L.” produced by Tamsin Cavaliero (Home Youth Liaison Service) and Jonathan May (Sligo Leader Partnership Company) and directed by Sinead Dolan (Loch Bo Films). The documentary follows Martin McDonagh as he sets out to explore the history of the relationship between the Travelling Community and the settled community within County Sligo over the last 100 years through the collective reminiscences of local residents.