Sunday, October 22, 2017

Rural Transport Programme

Sligo RTP provides flexibly routed services offering a combination of minibus services, community car and hackney services, which are wheel chair accessible.

A wheelchair accessible Minibus Service brings passengers from home to their nearest village and town for shopping, pension collection, appointments and to visit relatives and friends.

Passengers are picked up and dropped off at their homes and can also meet the minibus at points along the route. An evening service brings passengers to the pub, social and recreational events, religious services, shopping, cinema and visit friends in hospital and nursing homes.

The Rural Transport Programme is managed by Sligo LEADER Partnership Company on behalf of Pobal, Department of Transport and Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.

The programme receives contributions from the Department of Social and Family Affairs and the Health Services Executive.

The Community Car Scheme was developed to meet the needs of those passengers accessing Health Services, such as doctor appointments, health centres, hospital appointments etc.

There are a number of services that meet the needs of passenger, particularly those with physical and learning disabilities. An escort service is provided to help passengers.

Sinead Groonell is the Sligo Rural Transport Administrator and is based in the Rural Transport Office in Dromore West she can be contacted on number below

Annette Finnegan is the Rural Transport Dispatcher and is based in the Rural Transport Office in Dromore West she can be contacted on number below:

Phone: 096 47100
Fax: 096 47100

For further information about the Rural Transport Programme or to book a seat, please contact the Rural Transport office on 096 47100 or click on the link

Click here to download a timetable of services RTP Timetable updated 6th May 2010